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I was watching some pics of Indian streets, street markets (usual Indian life pics) and etc. and I’m feeling that I’m missing it to much…. I’m missing people, there traditions, there faces… there eyes…  how they are walking, what they are wearing, how they are sitting and talking… in one word I’m missing usual, normal life of Indians … missing smell of air… noise… mornings, sun…. even hot weather and trains witch i was not handling so easy :D missing places… missing food…missing everything everything… i hope ill have chance to live there more then month …. i wanna to spend more time there…. live there…. yeah maybe for others its kind of dirty place (and I’m kind of mad for them), but I’m missing it also… sometimes I’m thinking that i born here by mistake heh :))) i love Georgia also to much but i also love and missing India equal in my life <3 i cant say that i proud to be Indian bcz I’m not but i can say that i proud that i love India and what is related with it…. and yeah, I cant be without that feeling <3
P.S. it’s not that India from movies, just with this pics I’m showing how India is in real life… its real India with it streets, normal life, people, dirtiness and all… so i don’t love India bcz of some “good good” things i love it how it is in real with it - and + …. and it’s true…

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